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Long vowels of Arabic Alphabet
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In the Quran, the whole Arabic letters’ text written is fully vocalized such as in the holy Quran. Here is a rule that whenever a long vowel (ā) is followed by a consonant is written with a sign (Fathah) on the consonant and an alif after it. Long I is always written as a short I sign (Kasrah) plus a ya. And long u for a sign of short Dammah (u).

Here is a table that shows vowels which is placed either below or above the circle which is going to replace the primary consonant letter or a sign of shaddah. For clarity, only the isolated form of these long vowels is shown. However, most of the consonants will connect to the left with beginning letter alif, ya or waw, which is written in medial or final form. Moreover, the letter ya of the last row may get connected with other letters on the left, and hence it will be used as medial or initial form.

You may consult this table of Arabic letters for exact comprehension;


Long vowels

(Fully vocalized text)                      Name                                    Trans.                                    Value

064E 0627َا ‎                                       fatḥah alif                            ā                                              /aː/

064E 0649 َى ‎                                    fatḥah alif maqṣūrah      ā / á                                       /aː/

064F 0648ُو ‎                                      ḍammah wāw                   ū                                             /uː/

0650 064Aِي ‎                                    kasrah yā’                            ī                                               /iː/

In the text of Arabic letters which is unvocalized (Where short vowels are not marked), the representation of the vowel is done for that particular vowe : E.g. |Alif, maqsurah, ya or waw. If the long vowel comes in the middle of a word which is also unvocalized will be treated just like a consonant with a sukun in the Arabic Alphabets.

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